tanveer was born in Kashmir and after completing his graduation in Indian history and English literature, “besides his formal education he had learned the tricks of the trade from his family of houseboat owners”, which had a long established travel business in Kashmir.

Finding himself too obsessed with traveling and living in Kashmir through his childhood, he started guiding foreign tourists and escorting travelers through Kashmir and ladakh. accumulating a rich experience of the cultures and people whom he would meet many times during his travels. he made many friends from the world by being humble and loyal, enriching the experiences of the travelers and listening to their needs with a curious ear. today he has become one of the famous guides in kashmir, some of the traits which can be found in tanveer are,

*he is highly concerned about his clients, he treats them as his family members rather than the guests.

*transparency, and patience are his useful tools, credibility and honesty are his traits.

*He knows the area very well, having traversed on these roads for a long time no place is unfamiliar to him.

*personal recommendations, apart from your itinerary, tanveer will give you personal recommendations, he will take you to places meant to seen by traveler not tourists.

he gets lot of recommendations from foreign delegations, corporate clients and family travelers. to contact him you can just call him on +9596888006.  In free time he likes to go camping and trekking, just drop him a email on                    tanveer_bdy@yahoo.com

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