At the dusk you will reach the sleepy village of kargil, not developed much as most of the people live on government jobs and agriculture. you will see small shops closing their wooden doors and women carrying vegetables in their baskets; The next morning as you pass the north-eastern foothills of the great Himalayan chain & suru river which glides through the vast billowing mountains. this valley has small hamlets were people are dependent on agriculture and raising livestock. suru valley is famous for nun kun peaks Nun (7135m) Kun (7035m) are the two massive peaks with a famous glacier called nunkun glacier. Other important places in suru valley is rangdum village it is a contrast of rocky mountains and colorful hills it has a very old Tibetan Buddhist monastery located on top of a hill belonging to the Gelugpa sect, the travelers who go to zanaskar stay in rangdum for over night. There are some tented accommodation, few home stays,one government guest house. Despite lots of potential, tourism activity is very limited in the valley with most visitors rushing to Padum and Zanskar. As the roads open in summer suru valley gets it’s fair share of adventure tourists or people going for photography trips or the gap year back packers. the roads are bad at some points as the waters have taken away the tar, but the drive is very enigmatic filled with adventure and solitude which you only get in this part of the world.