A traveler will be overjoyed while shopping in kashmir, kashmiri craftsmen make some master pieces of wood carving, carpets, chain stich, paper machie and the hand made shawls. so indulge your self in shopping spree on your visit to kashmir.


Kashmiri carpets are the best known carpets throughout the world. their demand is Much in the European countries and Hollywood. These carpets are always hand made. they are knotted. the yarn used normally is silk, wool or silk and wool. woolen carpets have a cotton base.

Chain stich and kashmiri crewel

Kashmiri crewelwork or Chain stitch is in great demand all over the world because high quality of crewel embroidery done on wall hangings, curtains, beedsheets, and rugs. Chain stitch, be it in wool, silk or cotton, is done by hook rather than needles on white backgrounds The hook is referred as an art, and quality for quality, hook work covers a much larger area than needle work in the same amount of time. Small stitches are used to fill the entire area-the figures or motifs looks fascinating in striking colors.

Paper machie

The art of paper machie was brought to kashmir from Persia in 15th century. this art has flourised in kashmir and passed down from generation to generations. The paper machie products are made with Pounded paper then pasted layer on layer on the mould. The designes Painted on the objects of paper machie are rich in colour. the price of paper machie depends upon the quality of product.


Kashmiri shawls are made out from three types of material. Wool,pashmina and the expensive shatoosh.The Pashmina shawl is known for its softness. Pashmina yarn is spun from the hair of the ibex found at 14,000 ft above the sea level, Pure Pashmina is expensive but mixed Pashmina with wool is lesser expensive.Shahtoosh, the legendary ‘ring shawl’ is famous for its lightness, softness and warmth. But it is a banned item now because hair of the Tibetan antelope’s throat are painstakingly collected until there are enough for a shawl. these shawls are very rare and extremely expensive but they can be still found in kashmiri homes.


In India, Kashmir is the only region where walnut trees grows. kashmiri craftsmen do tremendous work on this wood to make some Breathtaking pieces of art. The wood carving done on furniture is amazing, these skillful craftsmen choose the designs of chinar leaves and other floral designs and carve these on wood. the wood carving is a state of art work from the craftsmen.


Kashmiri saffron(kesar) is the best saffron in the world,then lingers behind the saffron of spain and iran.the saffron is used in many medicine.It is good for health,it is cultivated from flowers.which grow only in the regions of pampore in kahmir.kashmiri saffron in expensive because of its supreme quality,colour and aroma.the saffron from spain & iran is cheaper but is like grass when compared with kashmiri saffron.