kashmir winter

Though Kashmir has four seasons,but the beauty of Kashmir can’t be divided into four seasons. each season makes it different and adds to its beauty and vitality,  the four seasons decorate this valley with different hues and paint it with  best possible color’s of the nature’s palette. Each season drapes the mountains like a newly wed bride, winters drape it with snowy blankets, spring with fragrant wild flowers, summers with lush green pines and autumn with brightly lit chinar leaves. The dallake stays as a epitome of beauty reflecting the dome of blue sky with silvery clouds and birds which treasure it like gems and hover and frolic among the deep waters of the lake to see their beauty on the mirror like waters of the lake.





winters are cold and smoky, frozen lakes, drifting snow from the spruce and firs, candy icicles dangling down from the branches and roofs of houses. snow cliffs and blue skies. white mountains and snow clad forests which spread along the valleys and river banks. mostly people like to stay indoors feeding on the rich curries of mutton and roast lamb when it snows children like to come out and play with snow they often make snow man or a polar bear out of it. if you like skiing it is best time to be in kashmir. In gulmarg there are plenty of activities to do during winters. There is less hustle bustle as most of people stay indoors or visit their relatives to have a cup of nun chai or harisa. Days are very short and nights get long & cold most of time you will see people wearing long poncho and carrying fire pot to keep them warm.

kashmir winter


Springs: brings a tinge of cold in the body with swift cold winds, locals call it chil bacha the child of chalikan the dreary old winter. nonetheless the yellow flowers begin to pop out of dry earth and  pink flowers sprouting out of almond and peach trees. tulips and cherry boughs unfreeze under the warm sunrises and flamboyant evening breeze. cloudy sky and the luster of marble on the sufi shrines will ignite the divinity in you. it is the season known for tulips, fragrant flowers, rain showers and misty mornings. the mornings are clear of haze and the blue mountains stand proudly around the lake.




summers are warm and joyous with bubbling springs and rushing brooks crashing down from water falls. green stretch of meadows at gulmarg with sheep and goats mowing on lush grass. melons, grape wines clambering on the summer houses and the poplars swanking high, shikara’s driving past the lotus ponds on the lake, the families going on picnic to shalimaar, the mughal gardens. summers can be hot in July and august, but in the hill stations of gulmarg, pahalgam, sonmarg the weather remains cooler.



Autumn: turning of leaves among the valley when shepherds come down from mountains and ye old people gather to hear wedding songs and children carrying apples and walnuts. the color of their cheeks  similar to their apples. crispy mornings and drenched sunset on the lake and roosting of birds on a tall red chinar trees. a gujjar women cooking food on the fire, a lonesome road leading to the mountains with tall willows lined up on both sides. villagers walking to saffron field to yield the most expensive spice of the world.


Kashmir remains beautiful around the year that’s a reason it is a all year tourist destination. come to discover this  beauty in 2017.