Many people are fascinated on their first Ladakh trip as the most striking and obvious features in the landscape of Ladakh are the huge brown mountains which appear jumbled to the uninstructed eye. People live in this desert land surrounded by mass of mountains and valleys. Ladakh is a beautiful fairyland located higher up in the Himalayas a paradise for many people and a calm peaceful mountain abode far from the noise of the crowded cities. The leh market is like a small market with lot of hotels, restaurants and shops selling antique goods and ladakhi handicrafts.ladakh trip can be completed in one week this will include the visit to famous pangong lake and the nubra valley. though a innerline permit is required to visit these places.ladakh trip can be a sheer joy and pleasure for adventure buffs and bike riders there are plenty of choices to take bikes on rent and explore the surrounding parts of leh on bikes this can be more adventurous. On the tour of Ladakh don’t miss the River rafting it is other adventure sport gaining fame of the best thing in the Ladakh trip is the visit to the ancient Buddhist monasteries these monasteries or gompas which are usually built on slopes or craggy hills are very old and monks live and study in these monasteries. Every year there are some festivals celebrated in these monasteries. These places are known for their art work and holy sculptures.

How to reach ladakh?

Ladakh can be reached by air from Delhi, Jammu & Kashmir. The road journey to Ladakh from Kashmir Valley via Kargil is app. 434 Km, which remains open for traffic from late may to late October depending upon the closure of 3,505 m high Zoji-La pass serves as the gateway to Ladakh.zoji-la pass gets closed in winters.

The other route to Ladakh is 473 km. Manali-Leh road has been serving as the second overland journey to Ladakh. Open for traffic from around mid-June to early October. This high road traverses the upland desert plateau of Rupsho & Taklang-La pass. But this road is not much preferred by tourists as it is dangerous, there are chances of land slides at some places.

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