Every year we procure some of the best photographers from all over the world to lead out photographic tours to ladakh. we beleive photography is an art, it should be handled carefully under the scrutnized eye. Ladakh the diverse land of high mountain passes, the land so rich and so pure in its deep culture and heritage, its tradition and customs the young call it mystic the older devine.

Ladakh has lots of opportunities for photographers to develop their skills. they not only get connected with it through lenses,their hearts will bound them to the culture & respect for the hearty ladakhi people. Every photographer’s lens catches the idyllic beauty of this land, which has enchanted and enthralled everyone. The one reason to visit this place is to searh for one’s inner sole in the dark monasteries and chortens, the sacred texts on bulging prayer flags, the pagoda shaped gompas. The rythmes of rustic life have continued since ages here and has dwelled on the tributaries of river indus. During this tour you will follow the long paths of ancient silk route where in older times the caravans have passed through to look for a new outer world. Apart from your cameras your memmory with capture the music of the drum beats and cymbals, mixing with the flutter of birds hovering high above the monasteries against the dark blue skies. The murmuring prayers of the monks, the yellow apricot orchard planatations along the sanded river banks and the young little lamas in maroon robes making a colorful mandala in the monastery cloister.

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