The land of ladakh has been renowned for many things, be it adventure travel,trekking in mighty Himalayas , safari tours,bike trips and cultural tours. it is dotted with many historical monasteries and sacred places where people go in search of peace and meaning of life. festivals have a lot of importance in every land and they showcase the heritage and legacy of the civilizations. In ladakh one of the important attractions has been the cloister festival of hemis monastery. celebrated every year on the 10th day (Tses – Chu) of the Tibetan lunar month. it is celebrated as the birthday of Padmasambhava (Guru Rimpoche) at this time lot of tourists visit the land of ladakh to see this festival which is a dedicated to lord rimpoche.The Hemis festival takes place in the courtyard at front of the main door of monastery. A high platform with a decorated seat and painted small Tibetan tables are placed with the ceremonial items like – cups filled with holy water, uncooked rice, tormas made of dough and butter and incense sticks.the local musicians beat their heavy drums and long brass trumpets roar as the colourful masked dancers wave their bodies in the misty insence air and get transformed symbolically into demons and gods.the monks perform the tantric worship.local people come to see and enjoy this festivity. hemis is being run by Drukpa sect and is one of the biggest monasteries in ladakh,it has a lot of ancient texts,sacred thankas, and murial paintings.The meditation cave of Gyalwa, along with his footprints and handprints on the rock and sacred shrines, still bring back his memories to life. On the day of the Hemis Festival, the thanka of the monastery is displayed, with a gap of twelve years between successive is then locked up for another twelve years in a dark, dry room away from sunlight which would soon fade the dyes used.In the year 2016 it will be displayed again on hemis festival. The Thanka is the sacred appliqué-work tapestry wrought with pearls, which depicts Guru Padmasambhava,who brought tantric buddhism to india.