The Monasteries of ladakh had been a centre of Buddhist learnings as well as repositories of Buddhist art and artifice.perched high on mountain tops these sacred monasteries or gompas didn’t collapse some of them being centuries old. They have been build keeping in mind the local rugged conditions and the harsh weather.these gompas feel like the part of natural landscapes.In ladakh you will find fantastic monasteries scattered everywhere typically on the rocky hills overlooking the quiet valleys below. Each monastery depending on the size accommodate 50 to 200 monks.These living tradations are used as places for activity,celebrations,meditation and education. Historically, there apparently has been a tradition that one male child from each family will enter the monkhood. Young boys come for other reasons as well. Sometimes a child is orphaned or a family can not financially support all their children so one or more are taken in by a monastery.

Famous Monasteries in Ladakh


    • Hemis