Houseboats booking in kashmir

Every person coming to kashmir tour should stay in houseboat.other wise that person has missed something special in the trip. The houseboats came into existence when the Britishers came to kashmir to escape from the heat of Indian plains, so these people made houseboats on water so they could pass their summers in it. the houseboats came down from generations to generations. these houseboats provide luxury accommodation. The houseboat people live in small adjoining donga boat they prepare delicious Kashmir food for their guests. houseboats are also famous for their great services they offer.


Houseboats are made of pure deodar wood which is very expensive, this wood is waterproof & long lasting. The interiors of the Houseboats are decorated in English style. with a lot of wooden furniture, and kashmiri carpets. the roof of houseboat is also made of wood, the pieces of wood combined together to create designs and on the walls you will see the carvings by skillful master kashmiri craftsmen. The rooms have attached bathrooms, there is a pantry, a dinning room, a sitting room, and a deck. mostly houseboats have 2 to 3 bed rooms, it depends upon the size some have 4 bedrooms also.


The houseboats are safe to live in there is no problem at all. the houseboat owners take great care of their boats. it is a great joy to stay in houseboat and watch the calm waters of dal lake around you. during a stay in houseboat a guest can opt for special early morning shikara ride to floating gardens or enjoy fishing activities on dal lake or go for motor water sports.


The houseboat is recommended mostly for leisure travelers, honeymooners, family tours, Adventure seekers and for people who want to get away from their hectic life, who want to relax and calm down. people who want to cherish a new experience on staying on water. we arrange houseboat booking for our clients in some of the beautiful and best located deluxe houseboats in Dal lake and Nigeen lake.


Why choose houseboats over hotels; The city of srinagar has no dearth of accommodation be it any kind of category of hotels. But houseboats provide an edge with the authenticity of  a homely atmosphere and trust of a family who have kept this business alive from centuries, Guests in hotels usually don’t interact much they finish the sightseeing go to their rooms watch tv and sleep. but its different in houseboats. in a morning you are around a lovely family seeing them going through the local daily life, when you come back from sightseeing you are greeted with smiles and conversations about your trips, this makes your travel more insightful and meaningful.


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interiors of houseboat

dinner at houseboat

houseboat bed room

interior of houseboat