Gulmarg is a beautiful pleatue surrounded by the majestic Himalayan peaks and deodar forests. gulmarg is more beautiful in winters when the blanket of snow covers it with white layers. it is a delight to see it that time,however in the summers it is cool and you can see lot of wild flowers growing in the green grassy meadows.

gulmarg is appr, 40kms away from srinagar it is located high up in the mountains. the uphill drive from tangmarg will take you through lush green pine forests as you drive higher, you will feel the elevation and the cool breeze blowing against your face, down below you will see the tiny villages and vast streches of greenland. you can stop at some view points and enjoy the raw natural beauty.

snow skiing in gulmarg is the major activity in winters during the month of december to late march, this place is visited by ski lovers across the globe.

Gulmarg is famous for gondola (cable car). this is the worlds longest rope has two stops or phases. the 1st phase is at kongdoori and the next phase is at affarwat. some stunning views of gulmarg can be seen from gondola.

Ponies can take you to diffrent view points which are not accessible by car. the pony ride are safe and can be enjoyed with your fellow travllers. you can visit many beautiful places worth to see.

Gulmarg has a small market with road side shops,eating joints and hotels. we accomodate our guests in some of the best hotels in gulmarg.