Festivals of ladakh are important celebrations in the lives of ladakhi people and the tourists who visit their and take part in these festivals. Festivals signify our culture and heritage,they play a important role in our daily lives they expose our happiness, joys,and spiritual pleasure to others. In ladakh every year lots of festivals are celebrated with much enthusiasm, people actively take part in them. We provide ladakh festival tours where our travel experts will guide you through the history and importance of these ladakh festivals. you will be taken to several monasteries which host these festivals and you can spend your time there it can be a life changing experience for you.

Some of the famous ladakh festival dates for 2017 are given below.

Monastery                                Festival                         Dates

Spituk                                    Spituk Gustor                 Jan 25- 26

Leh-Likir-Deskit                     Dosmochey                   Feb 24-25

Stok                                       guru tse-chu                   March 6- 7

Hemis                                    guru tse-chu                   July 3 -4

Phyang                                  tsedup                            July 21-22