“Don’t be a gamma in the land of lama”   This street sign reads don’t be a layman in the land of lama driving through the brown hills from ladakh to Kashmir,  it reminds me of the great memories spent with the people here.  I realize the importance of travel of knowing people and their places.  The objectives of traveling are not completed yet unless you meet & socialize with the local people and discuss with them about their life and the difficulties they are facing.  You communicate with the people and get to know about their problems & then you look into your own problems and compare them with the problems of local people.

mountains of ladakh


Ladakh is a land bestowed with  high mountain passes,  dry climate and  warm people ,  it has some of the beautiful  landscapes and monasteries, tempted with the age old cultures, colorful fresco’s & dancing monks who feed on the noodles & steaming momo’s.  Its  racing through the modernity, a decade  back very few people knew about ladakh . Now it has become a favorite among the youngsters who want to bike through it’s borders & lakes.  It’s prayers resonates among the walls of these ancient temples. Here are things which will understand ladakh better.

ladakh valleys

Beauty is not in the destination but in traveling:  whosoever comes to ladakh has to travel rigorously to the places of this remote land. Don’t expect much luxury,  the beauty of this place lies mostly in the mountain and life of the people, the cultural values and the ethics of the religion. The bustling  bazaar is a place of many sights.  Once you walk down the leh street the soberly women  who come for far flung areas to sell apples and vegetable. A jeweler’s shop on a pavement, another shop selling colorful wall hangings depicting the holy symbols of Buddhists. Next to it a household item shop having a merchandise of crockery engraved with dragons, exquisite tea  pots & cups.


Traveling to ladakh requires patience & time,  it should not be seen in hurry. Stay at some guest house  or home stay in leh for some days, then you can travel to outer reaches of ladakh.  the beauty of the lakes will give you a idea or mere thought of how beautiful  paradise will be.

camping in ladakh

The stark mountains will be your companions and the solitude your guide. The good thing to keep in mind is to start early every day so you get enough opportunity for photography & you will reach you’re your destination early.

yak in ladakh

Relax don’t travel too much: you travel to relax, so give yourself ample time to get relaxed & acclimatize before you hit the passes.  Visit us for further information about travels to Kashmir ladakh. kashmir ladakh tour