In the valley of Nubra The road from Diskit to Hunder, which falls along the historic Silk Route, winds through sand dunes where one can spot Bactrian camels. It is one of the two surviving species of camels, they are a critically endangered sub species with very few of them left in the wild. These shaggy camels with a coat of thick hair have double humps on them. These tuff beasts are the natives of the central Asia. After the closure of the Silk Route, most of the camels were let off into the wild. most of them have been tamed and are being used for domestic work and to ferry the tourists to the villages of diskit and hunder.

We arrange camel safari for our guests to different places starting from Hunder or Diskit, these shaggy beasts will take you through various points of interesting silk route, which covers areas such as Yulkam, Pinchimik, Tiggur, which hundreds of years before was a road to prosperity and wealth ,you will picture yourself as a rich merchant carrying your own vast caravans of merchandise along the sand dunes and rugged barren mountains.