Adventure in Kashmir

Kashmir provides a wealth of adventure activities,

River Rafting

The cold water flowing down from mountains rages & roars through the streams and provides the habitat for trout fishes and other aquatic plants, there is no dearth of such rivers in kashmir which can test your skills of river rafting. One of the the river runs through the heart of sonmarg called sindh and the other flows trough the valley of aru & pahalgam and comes down ferousciously. The lidder river is a prime spot in pahalgam and provides the contrast to beauty of the green conferious forests. Doing river rafting on these two rivers can be a incredible experience.

Mountaineering in Kashmir

Trekking in kashmir can be the best way to explore the remote villages and lakes formed by the melting glaciers. If you manage to trek through kashmir you will see lush green landscapes of valleys & mountains. you will meet the gujjars and bakarwals two ethenic tribes who flourish on their herds of livestock, wandering from place to place in search of new grasslands they lead a nomadic life with our permenanent settelments. we arrange treks in kashmir from june to september.

Water Skiing

This is a good activity to zip through the lake, if you dont know a damn about it. you have to simple step your feet on a plank of wood and it will be dragged by the motorbaot, it is one of the best ride.

Water Trekking

Travelling by waterways like rivers & lakes was the most preffered mode of transportation earlier in kashmir. there are lots of rivers, lakes connected with each other. We arrange the water trekking tour with expert staff and boatmen who could take you to water trekking. the duration of this tour is 3 to 5 days. It is laid back experience where you will stay & relax in a boat and watch events unfold, it is much recommended for people who want serenety in life. you will come across lots of different places & people durig this tour. you will also have chance of bird watching during this period.