Kashmir is well remembered for its glorious mountains ranges, magical lakes and snow clad meadows; over the years as it got shut from the outer world and remained untouched by mass tourism. Kashmir is one of the most famous destination in whole India and kashmiri people are the most hospitable and charming lot. A traveler can get to know this when he travels to Kashmir how he will be greeted and helped everywhere.

River Rafting

river rafting is meant for people who want some spark of adventure in their lives.river rafting has been introduced in kashmir since couple of years.the famous spot of river rafting in kashmir is in lidder river near pahalgam.this river flows briskly from mountains and valleys.tourists can enjoy the rapids of cold waters in lidder.Kashmiri people have liked the sport of river rafting,we arrange river rafting activites for our guests.

Mountaineering in Kashmir

Since couple of years the govt of India has opened more than hundred peaks for the mountaineers to climb, before these peaks were closed due to security reasons.The huge peaks of kashmir offer a great chance of mountaineering,the four famous peaks which are nearby srinagar are kolohai, harmukh,tatakoti & mahadev. we arrange all kind of mountaineering expeditions in kashmir.

Water Skiing

This is the famous activity on the dal lake & nigeen lake. you can do water skiing in summers,the motor boats are available for this activity. other things you can do with this is kayaking & canoeing.

Water Trekking

This is one of the oldest form of adventure in Kashmir,in the early days people used to go from one place to other in boats through waterways. there are lots of rivers lakes connected with each other. We arrange the water trekking activites with expert staff and boatmen who could take you to water trekking. the duration of this activity is 3 to 7 days. Water trekking is safe there is no risk involved.You will experience new things during water trekking. you will see lot of lakes, rivers, canals,floating gardens, you will also have chance of bird watching during this period.

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