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Blog updated on 16 – OCT- 2018

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For Malaysian travelers Kashmir provides a respite from the coastal weather & humid climate they are greeted in Kashmir with cool mountain air, scenic locations and embraced with the warmth of Sufi music and fed on the rich saffron flavored curry & goshtaba. As the tour opens with a sightseeing trip to gulmarg, the green velvety meadows spread like a carpet beneath the snow covered mountains, the gondola is a  magical glass cabin where you can sit comfortably  and below observe the gypsy life of shepherds and the pine clad mountains waiting to embrace you in solitude. Most of us want to get rid of busy city life and the stress we accumulate from work, A ride of gondola is recommended for such people who will soak in to the nature and get refreshed by the glimpses of beautiful fresh mountains;

tulips in kashmir

         tulips in bloom srinagar kashmir

Srinagar,  the capital city frames the perfect pictures of mountains, mosques on the lake & blooming tulip gardens,  lotus girls rowing in the lakes. while your stay in houseboat at dallake, the memories come alive, the stories strike back  about the children who eat lotus roots and swim all day in the lake. kids going to school rowing their small boats with pedals that propels their shikaras.

dal lake pictures

              women taking lotus roots for cattle

one can see the city coming to life in the morning when the dawn breaks on the lake, the shikaras of fishermen looms out of the mist into clear waters, vegetable vendors come onto the lake from their farms, For Malaysian travelers Kashmir is not a new destination they have read about it, watched it’s beauty in movies, heard stories & legends about kashmir from their grand parents. Kashmir has over the years attracted lots of people from Malaysia. from few decades they were unsure of visiting Kashmir valley. I got lot of friends and clients from Malaysia planning their travels to kashmir. so i compiled in this post  all the questions asked by them, this post will certainly inform and guide them for a dream trip to kashmir.

orchards in dallake

                      orchards in dallake




Over the years i have communicated with many Malaysian travelers and these are the common questions they ask before coming to Kashmir;


how safe is kashmir for women & solo tourists?

Recently in some leading news publications it was stated that Kashmir has very less crime ratio against tourists than any other state in India. being a Islamic state it’s absolutely safe for women & solo tourists. during the political unrest no tourist was hurt or killed. the good thing about kashmir is all the people who work with travel fraternity are kashmiri people 100% local. so they are very faithful and respect the guest. They know of the importance and the value of their guests. so solo travelers & women are always welcomed in Kashmir. They should always feel absolutely safe to travel to Kashmir.

priest at the shrine

                         head priest at the shrine


What kind of value do you provide to your customers?

Our company has played a major part in boosting tourism to Kashmir, we receive large number of travelers directly or indirectly not only from malaysia but countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Hongkong. We make people feel special, make friends and provide a valuable and quality services so it leaves a positive impact on them and when they go back home they become our voice.


what are the unique experiences i can have in kashmir?

unique experiences can range from staying in a houseboat, to a mountain resort, living with a local family, taking cooking lessons, hiking in the hills, visiting sufi shrines, enjoying and relaxing in the pristine valleys, visiting ancient monuments, enjoy ski lessons in gulmarg, lunch in apple orchard, landscape photography, bird watching, apple picking, visit a local wedding, attend a local festival, saffron cultivation at saffron fields.etc so there are endless things to do and discover totally depends of the season and time of your travel.



                           pahalgam valley.


Why should i go to kashmir?

kashmir is all season destination. every season creates a beautiful settings and drapes the valley in the heavenly beauty. spring, summer, autumn, winter every distinct climate sets a tone for a beautiful holidays which soothes your soul and lights your heart. with the chirruping of birds and rustle of chinar trees which sway with every passing langoor. you don’t have to wait till a particular month or a season. kashmir is open throughout the year and always looks fresh, pure, sublime & beautiful.

A shikara (boat) on Dal Lake in Srinagar, Kashmir, Jammu and Kashmir State, India.

      A shikara (boat) on Dal Lake in Srinagar, Kashmir.

watching the gushing rivers flow with cascades of milky waters, down from the snow crusted mountains which looks similar to one you had always dreamed of, soft murmur of the breeze that shakes the bright colored flower petals, the sunset that melts the sky or the distant rice fields looking like thick green carpet, the purple air lays softly on the pine trees like a blanket. and in chashma shahi the flowers are fed with spring waters. when the muezzin calls for prayers at early morning the azan is carried forth on the surface of waters and reverberates in the mountains. this sublime beauty brings immense joy and pleasure and one seemed to forget himself for a while.

sufi shrine in kashmir

            inside a famous sufi shrine in kashmir.

what to do in kashmir?

This question brings lot of things in my mind. there are many things which can be done while on a stay in kashmir. it ranges from a person to person. if you are adventure loving you can go to pahalgam in summers where you can do short treks, enjoy river rafting, camping, or walk to the near by villages and meadows. paragliding is a latest activity added in srinagar. in winters you can do snowboarding.skiing in gulmarg. for the people who are traveling with their families can visit  the romantic mughal gardens of srinagar and older parts  city  where famous Muslim shrines  stand on the river  banks. For families it can be a learning experience  to understand how islam found it’s way into the valley from Persia & the role of Persian influence in carpet making and other handicrafts. kashmiri art is worth to admire and compliment. for the sophisticated works, with intricate needle stitching of shawls, hand weaving of carpets or the delicate patterns of papermachie and the woodwork which enthralls the tourists with awe & perfection. In kashmir you will have the best shopping experience ever.

srinagar bazaar

                               Srinagar bazaar

how many days can we spend in kashmir?

you can spend around one week. it depends also upon the purpose of travel,if you want to relax and submerge in the culture of kashmir.  5  to 7 days will also be good if you want to visit some of the hill stations in kashmir &  for those interested in photography then you require more than one week. .

kashmiri folk show

                                kashmiri folk show

how to reach kashmir?  Which flight should I take from Malaysia?

You can fly directly to Delhi from KUL by Air Asia they offer promotional fairs. you will reach Delhi Airport terminal T3 by night, either stop at airport or check in hotel in Delhi.  Next morning you can take a flight to Kashmir. there are many options available for domestic flights to srinagar (SXR). It’s just a one hour flight to kashmir. if your budget is low or want  to travel  by road or  train. from Delhi you can take a overnight train till jammu and we provide a pickup & taxi from jammu railway station to kashmir( remember the distance from jammu to kashmir is 300 kms, the duration of journey is 8 to 9 hours) for the train journey let us know in advance so we can confirm your reservation in train as trains in this route are fully occupied throughout the year.


beautiful snowfall in kashmir

                      beautiful snowfall in kashmir

when can i see snow in kashmir?

seeing snowfall has been a great desire for many Malaysian tourists. kashmir expects a good amount of snow fall during winter months, if you travel in these months from November to march there are very good chances that you will see lots of snow, it’ s best time to enjoy skiing and snowboarding in gulmarg. only you have to carry lots of warm clothes.

My budget is low can i travel to kashmir?

We always try to make travel affordable, there are people who unfortunately don’t have much money to spend on travel. I would tell such people to contact our experts which will certainly come up with ways to eliminate or reduce the travel costs, besides that we offer some deals from time to time which are meant for student travelers and people who are going out of malaysia first time.

Things to get from Kashmir?

Malaysian’s love shopping right? for souvenirs you can buy papermachie gifts, woodcarving items, scarfs, saffron,  for your family you can buy shawls, suits, leather jackets, kashmiri dressing, sweaters, saris, kashmiri gems & jewellery. dry fruits etc. for home you can buy carpets, hand carved walnut wood furniture, handmade curtains, wall hangings, crockery etc. there are other many things to buy from kashmir.



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