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Kashmir ladakh, the most loved destinations in India, it still remains the most visited place  by domestic & international tourists. kashmir is open throughout the year while ladakh gets closed for winters. so the tourist season in ladakh squeezes only for 6 months, the best time to travel for kashmir ladakh tour is May to late september. the towering mountains of ladakh provide a breathaking scenery for photography, while a traveller gets caught in the cultural and spritual aspects of this land, Kashmir on the other hand has diverse landscape of lakes forests and green meadows, it has a famous ski resort and beautiful scenic valleys. I can assure you that a trip of kashmir ladakh will leave you spellbound and you will not like leaving this place. 

Throughout more than twenty years we have been traversing the roads of kashmir ladakh, earlier it was a daunting task to cross the mighty zojilla pass, which is located after crossing the sonmarg valley.Today the road condition is much better and easy,  I would request to all people who want to stay away from the busy life to come and explore kashmir ladakh, you will surely find peace here. We always make our guests feel special because we want to show them the best of kashmir ladakh.

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Kashmir tour is an array of majestic Mughal gardens, lofty green mountains, fresh water lakes, cascading streams and Sufi shrines. From older days Kashmir has been famous for it’s picturesque landscape of verdant valleys, moderate cool climate and fresh air free from all kind of pollution. This valley has been a epicenter of the art of carpet weaving and making of pashmina shawls and papermachie, Mughal princes and princesses has been enticed by the timeless beauty of lakes and valleys, mauve flowers and vast stretches of green lands with chinar, almond plantations and saffron fields. Read More

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Ladakh tour is the best way to explore and understand the mysteries of nature. Here the life is dictated by the cycle of seasons, the rearing of animals, wandering in search of pastures. It is a life lived close to nature. Ladakh the mystic and colorful land is situated at a higher altitude, a traveler has to traverse the high mountain passes to reach there. This remote treacherous mountainous region is located between the western Himalayan peaks and the vast Tibetan plateau. The most striking features of beauty of Ladakh are the mountains... Read More

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